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2010-04-22 Shitoushan--Day trip Part 2: Shihshan Historical Trail Cyuanhua Temple 獅頭山 獅山古道 勸化堂   印象分數:90印象分數:90印象分數:90印象分數:90印象分數:90

Lion’s Head Mountain Visitor CenteràTengping Trail(30 minutes, changes in altitude: 190 meters, length: 600 meters)àLiouliao Trail ExitàLiouliao Trail(120minutes, changes in altitude: 170 meters, length: 1,920meters)àCising PavilionàShihshan Historical Trail(90minutes, changes in altitude: from H320 to H440 then to H335, length:1,450 meters)àCyuanhua Templeà Shihshan Historical Trail(90minutes, changes in altitude: 300 meters, length: 2,500 meters)



Finally, Cising Pavilion appeared in our sight. “Ye~~we had searched for you for long time.” We almost cried with tears. And then following temples built in caves surprise us with marvelous architectures moving us to tears. Lingsia Cave got huge gate decorated strange but delicate carvings. The guarding sculpture is not a pair of lions but piles of stones. Walking inside, we worshiped to the sculptures of immortals placed upon three shrines. On the walls or rocks actually, painting described moral stories. How strong faith did believers have to build a temple in caves?



Jyuewang Cave showed its attraction to us through closed door with cliffs in deep blue straps. And Haihuei Temple was similar to traditional quadrangle housing with white base, red roof and exquisite carvings decorated on walls and roofs, from far sightseeing. Gave us reasons to come back next time but must on Sunday.


覺然塔和海會庵週日開放 = =


Shihyan Cave was dedicated to the Buddha so the style of white building with orange roofs in bricks is simple and elegant. Taking off my shoes so did heat outside, I felt peace arising from deep heart in quiet shrine where someone meditated and several golden sculptures of Buddha in different shapes sat to listen to people’s wishes and to teach them the truth of difficult lives. Everything was in quaint style except for sculptures, making me appreciate these sculptures longer than the others easily. That makes differences between the Buddhism and the Taoism. When I took time to soak in the beauty of temple, I found the moist in caves wetted wooden ground, doors, sanity sculptures as well as me. Time to move to Cyuanhua Temple.




Everything in Cyuanhua Temple was colorful and exquisite but covered in dust. Each spot attracted me to appreciate with all our heart. Everything, I believe, is an astonishing art pieces requiring craftsmen to spend years to complete so it deserved awes. Octagon windows were carved with flowers, frogs, human beings, and vases, depicting a moral tales scene alerting people to be generous. Colorful vivid sculptures of lion on beams seemed to jump out in seconds. Stone of dignified dragons on pillars have existed for more than 100 years. Moreover, Gods, immortals and fairies of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism were worshipped at the same temple. Amazing, right? It was just all religions in the world could combine peacefully. How about Christianity and Islamism? In the future, I thought.




Since we arrived at the temple at 3:00pm., we got no time to visit other temples around (How pity it was!) and had to fight back immediately or stunk in dark mountains (How terrible it would be!). Luckily, came home safely. And through 6-hour hiking, my body needs 10-hour deeply sleeping to recover. Try next time, definitely.

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