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2010-05-30 Green Island, Taiwan Part 5-Going Around II Shihlang Diving Area/ Dabaisha Diving Area/ Zihping (Green island, scuba diving, snorkeling, dive, tour, hotel)  印象分數:85印象分數:85印象分數:85印象分數:85印象分數:85

The fourth Stop, Fanchuanbi

Most people rush into famous precious Jhaorih Hot Spring but neglect a little trail up to the cape on the southeastern tip of Green Island. Just pass through the parking lot, you can climb through stairs and win excellent panoramic views. Overlooking Jhaorih Hot Spring is necessary for shutterbugs like me. Plus, boundless green pasture seems to stretch to the crystal blue sky and down to fabulous greenish ocean. And shame goats grazed slowly on the green carpet, forming peaceful scenery like Mongolia. By the way, they still escaped away or climb to rugged cliffs when I approached.


On the top of cape, I saw infinite THE PACIFIC OCEAN. And that take me at least an hour to appreciate, meditate and daze.


The fifth Stop, Little Great Wall

It offered the interesting overlooking views in Green Island.


Around ten-minute walk through 200-meter-long trail, there located two overlooking pavilions on precipitous capes at the end. Sitting on bench, beautiful shoreline of eastern island expanded in front of us. We couldn’t help but keep our camera working. Giant rocky formation—Sleeping Beauty and her Pekinese dogs is a new fairy tale in Green Island style. To the north, rolling hills downed to rugged beaches and then embraced greenish blue ocean with white waves and foams framed on the edge. And here came my favorite part—The Pacific Ocean. Breeze brought unique salty smell of the ocean and blew away hotness during riding. Melody of waves mixed with crashing sounds adding flavors, which I never tired of listening and enjoying. The brightly color was consist of layers ranging from greenish blue to sapphire to darken. OH… ….


My friend and I totally agreed this is a wonderful picnic spot with round stone table and oceanic views, a happy lunch time to memorize in your life time.

The sixth Stop, Youzihhu

 From official introduction of Youzihhu from internet, we know several things—precious prehistoric site of Green Island, abandoned traditional dwellings to get a glimpse of ancestors’ lives, and various sea-eroded formations.

When we followed the directing signboard and went down steep slope (make sure you get well-functioned scooter), on the flat ground facing the ocean sit several broken housings. Most bricks were either faded into deep gray or broken. Vine occupied and spread whole house. Even though we were females, we may not were brave enough to step inside—dark and full of nails or broken bed. I couldn’t tell which one is kitchen or place for stocks. But I wondered how the ancestors felt in such isolated world surrounded by precipitous mountain. Maybe they were fulfilled because life was simple in tranquil pretty seashore.


I said “I decide to travel until the end of road in Green Island” and were curious how would be if I was IN SEA-ERODED CAVE.


Start my adventure.

Near abandoned housings, a lovely beach is welcome me to play with waves creeping up my feet and sliding back. Scratchy sands massaged my toes. Blessed the world!


Then head the north. There seemed an intriguing cave at the foot of cape at far. Jump around rugged coral rocks and stop to caress strange lines on the rocks. It suddenly reminded me that here once was coral world in colors with schools of splendid fishes swimming among. Closed my eyes and imagined I was there. Light gray rocky beach turned into colorful vivid undersea world. Swimming with my favorite tropical fishes, I arrived at the cave.


Literally it is not a cave but a bow-shaped tunnel with 3 meters high in bright. Chocolate-cookies-like rocks scattered around and small area of sandy ground rimmed along brown walls in layers. Stepping inside, I realized I found a performing square for waves—the details of melodies became clearer to appreciate. Closed my eyes and enjoy my discover. I wondered what kind of instrument will be a super match with the ocean. Maybe I should bring all of them and hold experiences here. Touching weird lines of rocks, I knew they told stories about marine. I couldn’t speak your languages but I did enjoy abstract brown artworks painted from yellowish brown to coffee brown. Strolled to another exist, time to go back my dear friend.


Then I found another easier path paved in sandy not rocky coral reefs. 

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