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2010-05-06 Lanyu, Orchid Island, Taiwan--Snorkeling, Cold Spring, Afternoon Snap, Seashore  印象分數:100印象分數:100印象分數:100印象分數:100印象分數:100

Day 1 Unexpected journey in Kenting

Day 2 Arrive, finally

Day 3 Snorkeling, Sleep & Seashore

Day 4 Challenge Daitenchih & Eco-Tour at Night

Day 5 Snorkeling & Say Good-bye with tears

Marvel at that technique and beauty!Fruit is sweet with a little sour  Is this one kinds of skipjack?

We arranged our trip in casual way. Just pick one topic for a day and the rest is for wandering along seashore as cute goats did. Let me ask you a question: what will you do when you see layers of crystal blue ocean? Have a sit? Fishing? My answer—Jump into it! So we asked the host of accommodation to recommend great coaches for undersea adventures. Luckily, we were led by a great teacher to wonderful undersea world beside of landfill of nuclear wastes. Mask, done. Plastic shoes, done. Neoprene diving suit, done. Stretching exercise, done. Breathtaking coral reefs, now.


Nimos and rose-shaped reefs

Can you believe it? The coral reefs shapes like red roses blossoming fully in blue world decorated with various colorful tropical fishes. Fishes with various shining colors elegantly swam through. Brightly yellow fishes played joyfully with each others. Shame gray fishes escaped into cracks of reefs immediately as they saw strangers. A small school of Nemo, clown fishes, wandered around sea anemone waving with currents. Listen carefully! The sound of undersea weirdly familiar to me rose from somewhere deep in the ocean. Look! The sunshine spread like silk curtain or beautiful aurora, making coral reef shine in red, green, brown or others. And I was there, feeling like one of fishes freely enjoying my marine life. I could understand how hard for little mermaid to give up colorful undersea world. It is so beautiful that one must experience in his/her lifetime. Just remember to breath, carry with little brave, simple equipment and 400 NTD and then the ocean will reward you colorful undersea heaven making you feel happiness.


浮潛第一次,貢獻給蘭嶼,是幸福的。棒呆了~~~我幾乎都要在海裡歡呼尖叫,感動要哭了!淺淺海溝有成群紅色玫瑰珊瑚,繽紛熱帶魚悠遊,陽光如白亮絲綢簾幕隨波浪擺動在翠藍海底世界… …


After snorkeling, the coach led us to Cold Spring, a comfortably cool underground stream. It is a perfect spot to explore with plastic shoes on and swimming suit and to relax tired body in sunny day.

soaking yourself in this... ....


In the huge of cold stream  So wonderful!

After snorkeling, we felt extremely tired. There is a great principle in traveling--“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” So why not have an afternoon snap at the pavilion of our hotel on third floor? Breeze cooled down hot weather and pleasing song of waves helped us fall into sleep. What’s more vital is we can wake up and feel real alive to explore beautiful Orchid Island more.

Snap in vacation, yes & of course! 


Warship Rock

Tank Rock, Crocodile Rock, Oldman Rock, Dragon’s Head Rock, Elephant Trunk Rock, Helmet Rock, Warship Rock, Twin Lions Rock, Hen Rock, Frog Rock and various rocks named after cat, dog, cookies, candies, clouds, fishes, famous persons or so by me. We took a ride around the Orchid Island, playing games of guessing and naming. There were numerous weird but interesting geographic landscapes formed by burst of volcanoes. I had to utilize my imagination to realize what kinds of rocks were in front of me. Interestingly, when I felt hungry, each rock seemed like food for me. However, the real fun exited in exploring the seashore—ecosystems hiding in rocks, awesome views of ocean, pretty shorelines appreciated from different angles, wandering cute goats, fisherman or residences we can had a brief chat with, growing crops and designed pavilions in various styles. By the way, did you know how to take a photo of cute goats staring right to your camera? Try this—pretend to be a goat and yell as a goat like ME~~~ME~~~. The escaping shame goats stared at me with curiosity. Don’t jump up with cheers. Pressed bottom right away and kept yelling. It did work at each time and really excited me (XD). Plus, it was a perfect time to decide perfect spots for sunrise.

Wander around seashore and we found... ... Tank Rock, driving to the hills?

Guss its name I found a crab!

so relaxing!  it looked at me, ya~

Sunset & Peace Like some danger animal in river... ...

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