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2010-05-04 Lanyu, Orchid Island, Taiwan--Carzy Day! Crazy traffic! And Wonderful undersea!  印象分數:100印象分數:100印象分數:100印象分數:100印象分數:100

I have to admit this is my fault. After checking schedule of boat to Lunyu and preparing my stomach, I totally thought I have done preparation and said “Great Job, Lucy.” No! Lowse job! Information on the official internet is referential not real. What is real? A call to boat ticketing spot for latest schedule. By the way, no need to rush for a flight as we did. All flights have been booked two months ago. Or you have to run into airline ticket counter to make yourself on the list of waiting list just as staffs of airline open the door in the early morning. Plus, if you are listed below No.5, honestly, giving up means saving yourself from wasting precious traveling time. So we returned to Taitung Train Station, then Fangliao (枋寮)Train Station and took bus to Tain-E-Hu(天鵝湖) bus stop. Finding accommodation there, therefore, we were able to take ferry to Lanyu at 7:30 in early morning. Finally, we could drop off our heavy luggage and had seats with relaxation.


There were often unknown events out of expectation happening during wonderful traveling. Great events seems like blessing to travelers. But what about awful ones? The same as great ones because travelers are those who can turn it into happy ending if they are willing to do. We lost one day in Lanyu but I learned a lesson and wined one-day vacation in Kenting, one of “Hot” and “Fun” attractions in Taiwan. We chose to view it as unexpected luck.

Anything travelers could have fun in Kenting? A lot! If the weather is so hot to bear, jumping into cool and clean seawater is definitely top choices. If it is cloudy day, hiking is perfect and leads you to tropical forest and fascinating geographic landscapes such as rocks formed by undersea volcanoes. For us, we all agreed to soak ourselves into cool seawater and try exciting aquatic activities—snorkeling, jet skis, and banana-shaped kayak.


GOGO Blue and Us

Snorkeling in Kenting is good, especially for beginners. At the moment of fully soaking in cool seawater, I couldn’t help but smile and fill joys in my heart. Even though I saw several videos about undersea world, I still shocked while experiencing through my naked eyes. There were giant cracks growing various coral reefs with several colorful fishes wandering around or escaping when we closed. I was moved backwards and forwards by waves just like fishes and seaweeds and enjoyed searching beautiful coral reefs or fishes among dark brown rocks. Even though it was not quite beautiful as the presentation on video, I feel wonderful surrounded by seawater. OH~ I did love the sea.


Riding jet skis is only allowed to those having license but they can give us an exciting ride. Holding tightly on the back, I felt flying into sky in seconds, screamed out at each bump and open my eyes to see magnificent ocean while drizzle spraying my faces. We went crazy on the waves--sometime slowed down then speeded up right away. And we laughed and screamed beside Green cliffs under crystal blue sky.


Flying scooter XD

Riders were sitting on banana-shaped kayak pulled by a yard and sometimes tossed into sea at unexpected turns where the excitement attracted people to ride on the kayak. And, as a brave girl, I was asked to sit on the front of kayak, the best seat I have ever found—wide views of ocean, strong but comfortable wind blowing on face, and sprays dancing in front of me. Wow~~HAHA~~A~~~came out my mouth in turns. Crazy ride!

勇敢的女孩,你就坐在香蕉船寶座:首位八!坐下去那刻有點遲疑,開始遊戲後,豈是一個爽字了得!飛翔了~水珠飛舞,乘風破浪,我是南海小英雄” XD非常舒暢阿!勇敢坐下去八~各位女性!

Exciting one

“Can you show us more beautiful snorkeling spot around Kenting? Because I don’t believe Kenting wins its popular with that.” I asked. “All right, but keep it in secret. And I will show you Nemo.” Yes, that’s it! The coach led us to crystal blue undersea world where numerous kinds of tropical fishes swam around us. Some with long mouths and long sliver body floated on surface, some shined with colorful stripes, some brought yellow and black stripes, some were biting food on corals, some moved gently with waves, and some rushed into us for bread—I even get a bit from one of fishes eager to eat! Deep touching from beauty of undersea life is so unforgettable and strong that I still feel the happiness of meeting them while writing. I was in blue world, accompanied by colorful tropical fishes and the sound of breath, waves and undersea. I was in Kenting!

老實說,我不太相信享譽台灣的墾丁海底世界是我看到的,偷偷要求我要看美到讓人呆住的,不服輸好心的教練瞧了我一眼…. …(趕快做出哀求表情),說:「走~帶你去看尼莫!」先去買麵包(),帶我到核電廠附近的浮潛區。沒錯!就是這個!珊瑚雖非五顏六色但魚群超棒的!長長嘴銀魚、黃黑相間優雅魚、繽紛色彩會反光的白魚還有尼莫在海葵鑽來鑽去!噢~即使波浪打來打去、海水漸漸冰冷,我還是捨不得離開阿~

Exhausted after half-day snorkeling, we rode to active Kenting Night Market to fed our starving stomach. On the street lined with plenty of pubs, restaurants, food stalls, and little shops offering all kinds of decoration or even tattoo and crowed with people in vocational suits. We got cheap fried food, hand rolls in Korean flavor, sweet pineapple, two pretty bracelets, and one dress. Nice place to shop and wander at night.

Active Night Market Our dinner

tattoo massage

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